ART+, all about the art market
September 2022 1807 


The main objective of ART+ portal is to create an effective tool of orientation on the Czech art market. The sites were prepared in co-operation with the Art Antiques magazine and provide current information about the situation on the art market and enable a detailed analysis of supply and demand for works by different authors as well as for groups of works of art. The English version of ART+ also offers information about problems of Czech fine art to interested foreigners.

Partners of the projects are leading auction houses, which provide their data and guarantee their relevance. Only author’s works of fine art are chosen from the wide range of antiques and works of art.

Index ART+ is a general indicator of development in the Czech art market taking account of total number of works of art on the market, increase in prices of bid items and number of items which were not sold. A more detailed interpretation of statistical data can be found in journalistic texts by the editorial staff.