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December 2022 1813 

Böhm David - Franta Jiří (2006) Share on Facebook  Print 


Jiří Franta (1978) and David Böhm (1982) do performances, make videos, construct spatial installations, intervene into public space, make wall paintings and they are authors of illustrations in books and magazines. The outputs of their work may look like an illustrated diary, graffiti, caricature, comics, conceptual art, grotesque, sport, art of collaboration, physical experiment, improvised choreography or theatrical performance. Process, experiment, rules and breaking of rules, creative dialogue, irony, playfullness, eternal uncompleteness are important for them. In other words Jiří Franta and David Böhm don´t make drawings - they draw. They work together since 2006. (Tomáš Pospiszyl)