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Brunovský Albín (1935 - 1997) Share on Facebook  Print 


Albín Brunovský 25.12. 1935 (Zohor) - 20.1. 1997 (Bratislava) was a slovak painter, graphic artist and illustrator. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava under Prof. Vincent Hložník from 1955 to 1961. Brunovský himself lectured at that Academy from 1966 to 1990. In 1981 he was appointed a professor, creating his own engraving school several years later. Over the course of his career, Brunovsky experimented with various graphic techniques and was highly influenced in his subject matter by poetry and literature. While at school he used the techniques of woodcuts and linocuts, soon after, however, he began experimenting with “scraper” and chalk lithography. His illustrations were primarily for children's books. Brunovský was also the designer of the last series of Czechoslovak banknotes.  

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