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14. 02. 2014

ART+ Almanac 2013 Published

The most important events in the local and global art markets

Comments Last year was a record one for the Czech art market. According to ART+ statistics, collectors and investors spent CZK 946 million at Czech auctions and 15... read more

03. 05. 2015

Czechs in London

London Cullen Collection & Czech Art Sales

Foreign markets Sotheby’s – The auction of the collection of the American couple the Cullens, which took place in London on Wednesday, 12 November 2014, yielded 784,200 p... read more

02. 05. 2015

Post-war Art

Post-war Art on the Czech Market 2014

Comments The category of post-war modernism consolidated its position as the second most important segment on the Czech auction market last year and also an area t... read more

15. 04. 2015

Buying Back

Czech Art on the International Market

Foreign markets Collectors and investors spent over CZK 100 million at global auctions of Czech artworks. One can only guess what the proportion of buyers from the Czech ... read more

01. 07. 2013

The Best Year So Far

Czech Art Market in 2012

Comments František Kupka’s painting Shape of Blue (Tvar modré), which sold for 57.42 million Czech crowns (close to 2.3 million euros) in April, became the most ex... read more