ART+, all about the art market
September 2022 1807 


After paying a user fee, portal Art+ visitors will get access to comprehensive information about sales of the works, their groups and situation on the domestic fine art market.

A detailed list relating to a specific work includes the following:

  • a photo of the bid for work (if available)
  • auction house, date and site of the auction
  • item number in the auctioneer’s catalogue
  • author data (name, biography, call number, attribution)
  • information about the technique and size of the work
  • opening bid, final price, auctioneer’s commission



Using the “Advanced searching” function, the user can analyze in detail development of the domestic fine art market in specified areas depending on his/her will and interests. General evaluation of supply and demand for works of art is done by the application called “Art market index” offering, among other things, professional texts analyzing statistical data.