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17. 08. 2015

The Second Year

J&T Banka Art Index 2015

Comments In its second year, the J&T Banka Art Index experienced only partial changes. The top positions did not change, but ten new names appeared in the top 100.... read more

05. 05. 2015

Unfulfilled Expectations?

Cullen Collection Sale London 2014

Foreign markets A collection like the Cullen Collection could have originated only in the very specific atmosphere of the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, the era of the melt... read more

03. 05. 2015

Czechs in London

London Cullen Collection & Czech Art Sales

Foreign markets Sotheby’s – The auction of the collection of the American couple the Cullens, which took place in London on Wednesday, 12 November 2014, yielded 784,200 p... read more

02. 05. 2015

Post-war Art

Post-war Art on the Czech Market 2014

Comments The category of post-war modernism consolidated its position as the second most important segment on the Czech auction market last year and also an area t... read more

02. 04. 2015

Antique Design

Antiques Market as Seen by the Dealers

On the market The antiques market has its own foibles, but the same trends apply to it as with dealing in art, especially when it comes to the emphasis on quality and n... read more

01. 04. 2015

On the move

Czech Art Market in 2014

Comments The year 2014 passed without any great changes or surprises on the Czech market. There was no shortage of record sales, but the total turnover was 10 per ... read more

16. 03. 2015

ART+ Index in 2014

Index of Czech Art Auctions

Comments The ART+ Index dropped 10 per cent last year and finished at 737.19 points. The index had been continually dropping since October 2013 and hit a two-year ... read more

15. 12. 2014

The Czech Qi Baishi

Record sales of the Chinese modernist

On the market The first time an ink painting by the classic Chinese modernist Qi Baishi appeared at an auction in the Czech Republic was twelve years ago. It sold for t... read more

17. 08. 2014

An Unknown Gustav Klimt

National Gallery Exhibits Newly Discovered Klimt

Comments The discovery of a Gustav Klimt painting that has not been exhibited for years belongs to the realm of art-historian dreams. The idea that such a work cou... read more

30. 05. 2014

Gabriel von Max

Lost Gabriel von Max's Painting at TEFAF

Foreign markets One of the few Czech works offered at this year’s TEFAF trade fair in Maastricht was a painting of St. Ludmila by Gabriel von Max. The painting, long cons... read more

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